Bucky and Kakes – First to know about the Temple dream – they inspired us to go for it
James LaFemina – Inuksuk Artist and Sculptor, Rock Consultant
Arin Fishkin – Graphic Artist
Roy Two Thousand – photographer and videographer. Director of the Fertile Desert (link)
Crystal “Cikee” Davis – Voice Over Talent, Kickstarter video
Patche$ – 3D Animation Renderings, Kickstarter video
Jennifer “Absinthia” Baum – Social Networking Coordinator
Andrea “Ray” Boyle – Volunteer Coordinator
Nick Morgan – Build Camp Infrastructure and Logistics Coordinator
Matthew Grey (“Mookie”) – Construction Manager
Kristen Birchard – PowerPoint designer
Mark Roemer – Director Kickstarter video
Michael Barbarino, Masha Oguinskaia and Silvia Stephenson – Web Development and Design
Event Productions, Inc., Denis Egan – Trucking and Storage/Staging Facilities
Roc Fleishman – Mechanical Engineer – the Temple
Paul Andres – Mechanical Engineer – Inuksuk
Ian MacKenzie – video footage
David Best – Temple Expert and Consultant
Jess Hobbs – Temple Consultant
NK Guy – Photographer
John Curley – Photographer and Blogger
Erica Bartel – Photographer
Moze – Blogger
Eric Schwabel – Photographer
Teddy Saunders – Videographer and Photographer
Carlos Torrez Garzon – Photographer
Scott London – Photographer
Daniela Ardizzone – Videographer