Want to help? There are many ways you can get involved. You can donate time, materials or financial support as well as help spread the word.




Since the Temple 2013 announcement in mid March, we have received over 200 requests to volunteer – thank you for your generosity! Please be patient while we process the magnitude of offers. If you would like to volunteer, please click on the “I want to volunteer!” button below and fill out our Volunteer Intake Form where we can capture all of your relevant information.

Right now (April and May), our pre-playa priority is to find volunteers for fundraising, blogging, Kickstarter fulfillment, social media efforts, special events, PR, organizational experts, etc. We hope to circle back to everyone via our Volunteer Coordinator soon. Many of you want to help us actually build the Temple, and we will take on as many of you as we can, but we obviously won’t be able to accommodate all the amazing offers from the talented and qualified volunteers who are contacting us since the reality is that we have a crew size limit from Burning Man – as well as knowing the amount of manpower we actually need and can support during the on-playa build.

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Donate Materials or Services

We are looking for donations of materials and services, or discounts, in the areas described below. For tools and equipment, we need loans just during the build period, and can return them to you on Saturday August 24.

We need the following:  plywood, engineered lumber, food and beverages, generators, refrigerator truck, coolers, kitchen trailer, 250+ gallon H20 containers, grills, work lights, etc.

If you have any other suggestions for donations of materials or services that you think would be helpful to us, please let us know.

Thank you so much for your support.

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