Meet the Artists


Architect/designer/artist/inventor Gregg Fleishman’s work is informed by geometry and functionality.  He received his Architectural degree in 1970 from USC.  His acclaimed futuristic innovative architectural structures, including the iconic SCULPT chairs, are in collections and museums.  He coined the term “Rhombicube,” a diamond panel form distilled out of a 3-D checkerboard of cubes, which forms the geometrical basis for his Shelter Systems. His patented designs obviate the need for screws or fasteners, using integral slots and notches in plywood, employing wood springs and hinges.  Gregg’s mission is to continue developing ways to make building easier:   Gregg has designed major art installations at Burning Man 2011 and 2012:


Photo by: John Curley


Melissa Barron (Syn) and Lightning Clearwater III (Terry Gross) are inspired to motivate and create art in order to assist social justice causes, environmental movements and experimental communities. Burning Man art installations: Crowning Glory, 2007; Otic Oasis 2011; Otic Oasis 2012; Man Base Pistil 2012


Photo by: NK Guy